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I'm gear agnostic– whatever works for the job– but for smaller jobs with small crew and footprint I frequently work with my C300 mk II, Canon L zooms, Zeiss CP.3 primes, and Sachtler FSB-8 CF tripod.
Happy to gear up to the Sony F-55 and Canon 17-120 when higher frame rates or a classic shoulder mount are called for.  If we're going long lens, I'll put it on my Sachtler Cine 35 CF HD tripod.  I've worked with the Arri Alexa Mini or Amira, Sony Venice, F-55, F-5, FS-7, FS-5, several varieties of RED, Panasonic EVA-1, Varicam LT, Phantom and more.
I like to move the camera either handheld with my Ergorig or Ready Rig.  When the creative calls for it, I can build any of several cameras (Alexa Mini, Red, Canon C300 mk II, Sony F-55 or FS-7, etc.) on my souped up Mōvi Pro.  I have the Tango Roller slider that builds between 4' & 7' long and fits into its own case at 50 lbs. for travel.
For time lapse I use my Sony a7R mk II with an intervalometer which often allows me to keep shooting with 'A' camera while it works in the background.
When I work without a lighting truck, I like to use my color temp adjustable Intellytech Litecloth 160s & 120 for soft lightweight sources that can be easily positioned and can power off standard Gold Mount batteries. Also have some Zylight F-8 LED fresnels for when more controlled light is necessary.  My package includes enough grip gear for a very nice interview setup.
Monitors include a Sony 17" OLED, SmallHD 503 high brite, and BMD 7" Video Assist.  
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